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Nyamao and Ogendi  

Full Length Research Paper

Differential Mangroves Degradation Rates: Case of Tudor and Mwache Creeks, Mombasa, Kenya


*Nyamao, W. N. and Ogendi, G. M.


Department of Environmental Science, Faculty of Environment and Resources Development, Egerton University, P.O. Box 536, Njoro, Kenya

Corresponding author email: wickynyamao@yahoo.com

Received December 15, 2017; Accepted February 2, 2018



Limited economic opportunities and legislations in the Kenyan coast led to widespread mangroves degradation. This was despite the recognition that mangroves capture about 3-5 times more carbon per unit area than any vegetated ecosystem. Globally, studies assessing differential degradation rates are limited and rarely existent in Kenyan scenario. This study sought to establish the disparities in degradation rates along the Kenyan coastline by assessing two highly impacted creeks: Tudor and Mwache in a peri-urban setting as a case study. The total ecosystem carbon stock was estimated at 131.64±57.3C t ha-1 comprising of 66.22±6.3t/ha AGC, 20.7±0.2t ha-1 BGC and 44.34±2.05C t ha-1 SOC and 293.35±47.2t ha-1 comprising of 87.35±38.66t ha-1 AGC; 30.28±13.22t ha-1 BGC and 175.71±46.72C t ha-1 from the sediments for Tudor and Mwache creek respectively. The results show that Tudor creek is more degraded than Mwache creek. There is a need to strengthen the governance regimes through enforcement and compliance to address anthropogenic pressures. Advocating for an ecosystem approach in mangrove conservation. Management strategies suggested initiating and providing residents with alternative and cheap sources of energy, building materials and enforcing a complete moratorium on wood extraction to allow recovery. Achievement will highly depend on the good will of the stakeholders.

Keywords: Differential degradation, Anthropogenic drivers, Mangrove degradation, Carbon stock..


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