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Batagarawa and Idris  

Full Length Research Paper

Assessment of Groundwater Quality of Mai’adua Local Government, Katsina State, Nigeria


Samaila Muazu Batagarawa*, Sabir Idris


Department of Pure and Industrial Chemistry Umaru Musa Yaradua University, Katsina, Nigeria.

Corresponding author email: samaila.muazu@umyu.ed

Received June 9, 2017; Accepted July 18, 2017



The analysis of some physicochemical parameters of well water from various locations at Mai’Adua Local Government Area of Katsina State, Nigeria, was conducted. The aim of the study was to analyze some of the parameters and compare the results with standard values recommended by WHO. The samples taken from six different locations at least 1km apart revealed that the study area has a mean of Turbidity 2.4NTU, Colour 5.8Hazen unit, Temperature 27.70C, PH 6.98, Alkalinity 5.3mg/L, Hardness 39.08mg/L, Biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) 0.13mg/L, Total dissolved solid (TDS) 221.75mg/L, Suspended solids (SS) 12.5mg/L, Conductivity 7.64µs/cm. By observing the results, it was shown that the parameters from the water samples were within WHO permissible limits which satisfies the safety limit for its use for various purposes like domestic, agricultural, industrial and so on.

Keywords: Ground water, Metropolis, Biological oxygen demand, Alkalinity, Pollution.


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