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Mol-Aldwila et al  

Full Length Research Paper

Assessment of Some Heavy Metals Pollution in Mollusca from Hadramout Coast, Yemen


Nada Mol-Aldwila1*, Hisham Nagi2, Mohammed Al-Wosabi2, and Nabil Al Shwafi2


1Department of Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Environmental Sciences and Marine Biology, Hadhramout University, Yemen.
2Earth and Environmental Sciences Department, Faculty of Science, Sana'a university, Yemen.

Corresponding author email: nadamulaaldweela.@gmail.com

Received June 13, 2017; Accepted July 19, 2017



Hadhramout is considered as the industrial and commercial center for fishing in Yemen. Accordingly, Yemen food security depends highly on maritime products of Hadhramout. Consequently, any severe contamination caused by industrial activities would have a direct or an indirect negative impact on the sea life and marine environment. Twenty Mollusca samples were collected from five sampling locations (Rassharma, Burum, AL-Mukalla, AL-Sheherand Arryidah) at Hadhramout coastal area (Yemen). The samples were collected on a seasonal basis from Augusts of 2013 to May 2014. The results showed that the concentrations of heavy metals (Ni, Co, Mn, Cd, Fe, Cu, Zn, Cr and Pb) in Mollusca were in the range of 1.67-19.17, 1.67-6.67, 2.5-13.33, 0.83-15.8, 40-458.3, 5-108.3, 21.5-118.3, 0.83-8.3 and 1.67-6.67 µg/g, respectively. The present study showed significant seasonal variations of these elements and showed that the metal concentrations in Mollusca are several times higher than those in water and lower than those in sediments. The highest concentration of these elements were recorded in the Mollusca of Burum, Al-Mukalla, Al-Shaher, Arryidah and Ras-Sharma, compared to WHO. According to WHO, the concentrations of Fe, Cr and Zn in Mollusca were below the permissible levels except for Al-Mukalla and Al-Shaher, while Mn, Cd, Cu and Pb were higher than the permissible level WHO except for Ras-Sharma.

Keywords: Mollusca, heavy metals, Seasonal variations, Hadhramout coast of Yemen.


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