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El-sadany et al  

Full Length Research Paper

Fortification of wheat grains during storage against fungal contamination of aflatoxins by coating seeds with zein-zinc coordination complex


Mahmoud El-sadanyaa, Gihan Hosnya*, Mohamed Abd Elmottaleb, and Hany Abou Gharbiac


aDepartment of Environmental Studies, Environmental Health and Molecular Carcinogenesis Division, Institute of Graduate Studies and Research, University of Alexandria, P.O. Box 832, El-Shatby, Alexandria, Egypt.
bRegional Center for Food and Feed, Agriculture Research Center. Cairo, Egypt.
cFaculty of Agriculture, University of Alexandria, Egypt.

Corresponding author email: gihan1hosny@gmail.com

Received November 10, 2017; Accepted November 27, 2017



Cereals are important foods which provide the bulk of our dietary requirements. They are also sources of carbohydrates, which are metabolized by our body for energy generation. Cereal grains undergo huge storage loss, which is significantly due to fungal contamination; on the other hand nutrient deficiency also coexists. The spoilage mainly occurs due to moisture absorption during storage leading to fungal growth at high temperature and humidity, so, grain moisture is the key for fungal contamination to occur. In the current work, coating technique with zinc coordinated zein (Zinc@Zein) nano-layer was used as a viable strategy for long term grain storage of wheat (Triticum aestivum). Zein can prevent moisture flux and zinc can provide anti-microbial property. Zinc was spread on the solid grain surface as a nano-scale film. The nano-layer of Zinc@Zein on Triticum aestivum provided efficient protection from seed borne pathogen of Aspergillus flavus and Pseudomonas Syringae infection with a reduction of 65% and 80%, respectively, in the seed borne compared to control. Thus the zinc coordinated zein with wheat was proven to improve the efficient protection of seed-borne pathogens.

Keywords: Mycotoxins, Aflatoxin, Coating seeds, Antifungal, Wheat storage.


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