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Chellamuthu et al  

Full Length Research Paper

Training allied mental health professional to use Mini International Neuropsychiatric Interview for clinical screening


*1Dr. Ramasubramanian Chellamuthu, 2Dr. Soman Elangovan, 3Dr. K.Karthikeyan, 4Dr. Vikhram Ramasubramanian, 5P. Raja Soundara Pandian, 6R. Gopi.

1Senior Consultant Psychiatrist, M.S.Chellamuthu Trust and Research Foundation, Madurai and Senior Consultant Psychiatrist, Ahana Hospitals, Madurai.
2Senior Consultant Psychiatrist and Discipline Academic Supervisor, Metro-North Caboolture-Redcliffe Mental Health Service. The University of Queensland, Australia.
3Medical officer, M.S. Chellamuthu Trust and Research Foundation, Madurai.
4Consultant Psychiatrist, Ahana Hospitals, Madurai.
5Researcher, Counsellor and Psychotherapist, Ahana Hospitals, Madurai.
6Psychologist, Ahana Hospitals, Madurai.


Corresponding author email: dr.ramasubramanian@gmail.com; Tel: +919843255444

Received June 30, 2017; Accepted August 24, 2017


The term “psychiatric disorder” can be synonymously used as a mental illness or mental disorder that interferes with the way a person behaves, interacts with others, and functions in routine life. This study was aimed to train allied mental health professionals on Mini International Neuropsychiatric Interview (M.I.N.I) tool in categorizing patients during their first psychiatric/psychological consultation. The study sample comprised of 107 patients who attended their first psychiatric consultation to the outpatient clinic of M.S. Chellamuthu Trust and Research Foundation. After the proper training session, the M.I.N.I was administered by the psychiatric social workers and psychologists, and the diagnosis was compared with the ICD 10 classifications by the psychiatrist. Out of 107 patients, 98 diagnoses match with each other and 9 diagnoses mismatch with each other. The accuracy of diagnosis was 91.8 percent. Overall, training to the allied health workers appears to be useful. The main finding of this study is that M.I.N.I can be administered by other allied mental health professionals after providing a proper training program. The training programs would help the trainees to develop their knowledge and skills in the particular area and enhance their ability. Psychiatric training can enhance the mental health care in clinical psychiatry with possible psychiatric implications, including early detection and better treatment for patients with mental health problems. Psychiatric institutions would benefit by incorporating this system in their work patterns in order to reduce the burden in their work and mental health system.

Diagnosis, M.I.N.I, ICD 10, Mental Health, Training, Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Social Workers.


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