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Amanu et al  

Full Length Research Paper

Identification of Edwardsiella Tarda in Indonesia


Surya Amanu1, Kurniasih Imanudin1*, Siti Narwiyani2

1Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta
2BKIPM Hasanudin, Makasar.


Corresponding author email: kurniasih_1951@yahoo.co.id

Received June 29, 2017; Accepted July 21, 2017


Edwardsiellosis is a bacterial disease that can infect fish and humans. The aim of this study was to determine a possibility subspecies of Edwardsiella tarda based on molecular studies isolated from several hosts in Indonesia. E. tarda isolates were taken from Tilapia (Yogyakarta), catfish (Semarang and Jambi), imported Tortoise (Brazil) and Goldfish (Pontianak). Atypical isolates of E. tarda (ATCC) were imported from Singapore used in comparison with 4 isolates of E. tarda from Indonesia. All isolates of E. tarda would be extracted, amplified with the SSU rRNA-16S and sequenced. Multiple sequence alignment used CLUSTAL W version 1.8. Neighbour-Joining (NJ) method and maximum parsimony method were used to analyze the phylogenetic tree. Identification was supported by Agar Gel Precipitation (AGP) method. The result showed that three isolates of E. tarda from Pontianak, Jambi, Yogyakarta was same strain originating from fish, whereas the isolates of E. tarda from turtle was same strain with ATCC isolates from human origin.

Phylogenetic tree, Edwarsiella tarda, Fish, Turtle, Agar gel precipitation.


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