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Bendjaballah and Habarek  

Case Report

Laparoscopic Removal of Migrated Intra-uterine Device Case report and literature review


A.Bendjaballah MD FACS 1 and Pr M. Habarek 2

1Department of Surgery Ain Taya Hospital - Algiers-- ALGERIA
2Department of Surgery Tizi Ouzou Teaching Hospital - ALGERIA


Corresponding author email: ali_bendjaballah@yahoo.fr; Tel: +213-551-764-640

Received December 6, 2017; Accepted December 12, 2017


The intrauterine device (IUD) is one of the most used mechanical contraceptive methods. Its pose is a simple medical gesture. However, complications such as trans-uterine intra-abdominal migration can occur which can be serious. This complication is infrequent. Insertion of an IUD is associated with complications such as abdominal pain, pelvic inflammatory disease, expulsion, retraction into the cervix or uterus, and uterine perforation. Laparoscopic removal of the IUD migrating from the uterine cavity to the abdominal cavity is the method of choice in the treatment of this group of patients, avoiding the development of intra- and postoperative complications and a shorter length of stay in the hospital. We report the case of intra-abdominal intrauterine IUD migration, which was performed laparoscopically.

Intrauterine device, Laparoscopic removal, Contraception, Perforation, Intra-Abdominal migration.


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