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SHEIKH et al  

Full Length Research Paper

Postural risk factors for Osteoarthritis in Pakistani Women


Sadia Ikhlaque Sheikh, Ambreen Hafeez, Muhammad Sameer Qureshi, Fauzia Imtiaz*, Zeba Haque.

Department of Biochemistry, Dow International Medical College, Dow University of Health Sciences, Karachi-75270, Pakistan.


Corresponding author email: f.imtiaz@duhs.edu.pk

Received April 8, 2014; Accepted April 28, 2014


The aetiology and pathogenesis of osteoarthritis (OA) is not fully understood. However, it is known that several factors play a role. Environmental factors, stress from mechanical loading, predispose individuals to developing OA. Several risk factors for OA include: age, obesity, gender, genetics, diet and posture. To estimate the postural risk factors for developing osteoarthritis in Pakistani Women. Various diagnostic methods comprise of radiography, clinical presentation, a number of developed measurements and scales were used to collect data. Different joints area affected in different Postural risk factors. High prevalence of knee joint was observed in 36%. Hand and hip OA were found in 10% and 17% respectively. More than one joint were involved in 37% of participant. The frequency of OA also depends upon the posture. Assessment and modification of postural changes in relation to development and/or progression of (OA) can be made and by avoiding these postural changes, the OA can be prevented.

Key words: Osteoarthritis, Postu Osteoarthritis, Postural risk, Joints.




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