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Editorial Board - IIJBB  

Name                 : Dr. Farzin ROOHVAND
Qualification        : Associate Prof
Specialization      : Virolgy, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Vaccines, Molecular Biology
Affiliation            : Virology Dept, Pasteur Institute of Iran
Country              : Iran

Name               : Nabil Mohie Abdel-Hamid
Qualification      : Professor
Specialization    : Cancer Biology
Affiliation          : Kafrelsheikh Univ, Kafrelsheikh
Country            : Egypt

Name               : Dr. A. S. Prakasha Gowda
Qualification      : Research Associate Scientist
Specialization    : Biochemistry
Affiliation          : Penn State University College of Medicine, Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Country            : USA

Associate Editor

Name               : DR.L.PUSHPALATHA
Qualification      : PROFESSOR
Specialization    : Chemistry, biochemistry, bioinformatics
Affiliation          : NATIONAL COLLEGE
Country            : India

Board Members

Name               : Dr. Farhan Ahmed Siddiqui
Qualification      : Assistant Professor
Specialization    : Pharmaceutical, Organic and Analytical Chemistry
Affiliation          : FederalUrduUniversity Arts, Science and Technology, Karachi, Pakistan
Country            : Pakistan

Name                : Cristiane Bezerra da Silva
Qualification       : Phd
Specialization     : Phytochemistry, Physiology and Biochemistry of plants, antioxidant properties, antineoplasic activity.
Affiliation           : Federal University of Paraná
Country            : Brazil

Name               : Bachir raho ghalem
Qualification      : Phd
Specialization    : Biochemistry – Food sciences – essential oils and its activities
Affiliation          : University of Mascara
Country            : Algeria

Name               : Maha A.E. Ahmed
Qualification      : Phd
Specialization    : Pharmacology and Toxicology
Affiliation          : Faculty of Pharmacy, Misr University for Science and Technology
Country            : Egypt

Name               : Noha Lotfy Ibrahim
Qualification      : Biochemist
Specialization    : Molecular Diagnostics-Molecular Diagnosis of Human Diseases
Affiliation          : Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Research Institute
Country            : Egypt

Name               : Dr. Sam A. Masih
Qualification      : Assistant Professor
Specialization    : Remediation, Renewable Energy, Computational Biology
Affiliation          : Center for Transgenic Studies, SHIATS-Deemed University
Country            : India

Name                : Dr. Xiaogang Wang
Qualification       : Research fellow
Specialization     : Bacterial pathogenesis, host innate immunity, applied Microbiology
Affiliation           : University of California, Berkeley
Country             : USA