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Full length Research Paper

Sprouting of Drinking Outlets in the Kumba Municipality of Cameroon: Conflict of Space or Administrative Lapses?

Lawrence F. FOMBE1* and Belymbom Y. NGALA2

1University of Bamenda, Higher Institute of Transport and Logistics, Bamenda, NW Region, Cameroon. 2University of Buea, FSMS, P.O. Box 63, Buea, SW Region, Cameroon.

Corresponding Email Address: ezumeh2013@gmail.com

Received September 8, 2016; Accepted September 20, 2016


The growth in drinking outlets popularly known as Bars has become common place in most large cities in Cameroon. This lucrative business has been driven by the high beer and liquor consumption attitude adopted by city dwellers and the desire to share ideas in a common public space. Though there exist a national legislation on the creation and location of such activity in towns (Decree No 90/1483 of 9/11/90), their poor spatial development has been of major concern both to planning proponents and urban dwellers. The study explores the indiscriminate creation of bars in the Kumba Municipality and reveals that the non-respect of operation norms and poor location of such business institutions has led to conflicts over space with other land-users like private homes, parking space/recreational and poor waste management at a high social and environmental cost. The arterial ways are the most attractive for bars where they share the same buildings with residential, religious and educational activities soliciting vital spaces. Due to the cumbersome process to create bars in the background of poor regulation, field investigations and observations indicate that the administration is more to blame for the myriad of problems linked to the anarchy which questions the very notion of sustainable urban growth for Cameroon if its ‘Vision 2035’ has to be attained.


Keywords: Entertainme Entertainment outlets, Conflict of space, Association, Segregation, Alcohol.

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