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Kanu and Ugwu    

Full Length Research Paper

Assessment of Women’s Participation in Community Leadership Role for Rural Development in Imo State

*Kanu Winifred N., (PhD) and Ugwu Christopher C., (PhD)

Department of Sociology Imo State University, Owerri.

Corresponding Email Address: winikan1@yahoo.com; Tel: 08033575435

Received February 13, 2016; Accepted March 8, 2016


The issue of advancement of women’s rights and status is central to contemporary discourse in the quest for accelerated sustainable development. Community leadership is an important channel through which changes are affected in rural areas. The paper was an empirical study, which focused on women’s participation in community leadership in rural communities of Imo State. The leadership of Community Government Council (CGC) instituted by the Imo State government was the central focus. A well structured questionnaire was administered to capture the factors that constrained women’s participation in the leadership roles of Community Government Council (CGC) of Imo State. The data were analysed with simple descriptive statistical tools. The study found that women’s participation in the Community Government Council leadership role was low and prejudice was among the most influential factors that constrained women’s participation in the CGC leadership role. The paper recommended that robust advocacy and reorientation were crucial at the grassroots to reduce prejudice against women.

Keywords: Women, Participation, Political leadership, leadership Role, Community Development.

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