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Beyond Pan Africanism: Which way forward?

Janet Alabi, PhD

Institute of African Studies, University of Ibadan.

Corresponding Email Address: janetalabi@yahoo.com

Received February 19, 2016; Accepted March 8, 2016


This paper examines the dilemma posed towards Pan-Africanism and its conceptualization and actualizing capacity-building in the leadership and good governance in Africa. The failure of the leadership and good governance in Africa has its roots in the colonization and neo-colonization of African societies without regard to pre-existing ethno-political structures and ethno-religious beliefs and values, languages, and even historical and cultural linkages of the peoples of Africa. The displacement of these cultural variables have created methodological and conceptual crisis in leadership, governance and capacity building in Africa. This hindsight dilemma calls for a paradigm shift among practitioners and researchers in nation-building with reference to Pan-Africanism, drawing data from the emerging crises of the severity of ethnic militancy, and ethno-tribal actualization movements for self-governance in the Sub-Saharan nations in Africa. Thus the questions are will Pan-Africanism survive the threat and challenges in the 21st century? If yes, what are the solutions? The paper contends that the logic of neo-colonialism and globalization as contemporary social movements in Africa pose threats to leadership and good governance, specifically, with serious constraint on the unification and transformation agenda of Pan-Africanism and future Africa. Thus, search for solutions is being increasingly urgent and requires multidimensional approaches to deal with the dilemma pose to the principles of Pan-Africanism.

Keywords: Pan-Africanism, Unification, Leadership, Governance, Capacity building, Development, Dilemma.

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