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Walubuka et al    

Full length Research Paper

Effectiveness of job evaluation Process on Employees Performance of Kenyan Public Universities

Elijah Walubuka*, Ronald K. Chepkilot, and Charles Zakayo

Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Commerce, Kabarak University, Kenya.

Corresponding Email Address: ewalubuka@yahoo.com; Tel: +254 722266263

Received July 5, 2016; Accepted July 18, 2016


The main objective of this research was to establish the effectiveness of employee’s evaluation process on employees’ performance of Kenyan Public Universities. The study adopted a descriptive case study research design. The target population for this study comprised 1,620 Heads of departments and 23 Heads of Human Resource Departments totaling to 1,643. The study used simple random sampling technique to pick heads of department and purposive sampling for Human Resource Officers in-charge owing to their ability in understanding recruitment and selection practices in public Universities in Kenya. Sample size formula in another study was use to calculate the sample size for this study. Cochran’s correction formula was used to calculate the final sample size. To confirm the accuracies, the study compare the sample size using the sampling table recommended other authors to obtain the sample size of 334 consisting of heads of department and Human Resource Officers in-charge. Questionnaires were used for data collection. The collected data was analyzed by help of SPSS program, Pearson Correlation and regression.


Keywords: Performance, Evaluation, Selection, Interview.

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