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Political Participation of Rural Women in Decision-making at the Local Government Level in Zimbabwe

Jeffrey Kurebwa

Department of Peace and Governance, Bindura University of Science Education, P. Bag 1020, Bindura, Zimbabwe.

Corresponding Email Address: jeffkurebwa@yahoo.co.uk; Tel: +263772121563

Received July 12, 2016; Accepted July 18, 2016


The participation of women in local governance can be enhanced in all three essential areas: as voters, policy-makers and as members of decision-making bodies. There is need for policies that involve empowering local authorities and communities to develop strategies that combine the empowerment of communities and rural women. In order to be able to identify the needs of the com-munity and to best promote social and economic development, local authorities need the input of their constit¬u¬ents to be able to best identify those areas that need addressing. Local authorities must encourage the involvement of the community and community organisations in local governance. The representation and participation of women in local governance is directly linked to the advancement of wo¬men and is a basic requirement in the journey towards gender equality. To ensure that the decisions that af¬¬fect women’s lives are taken seriously, women should not be passive bystanders in their own development but should be proactively involved to ensure that the socio-economic patterns that marginalise and keep them dependent are changed.


Keywords: Participation, Local authorities, decision-making, rural women, local governance, Gender inequality.

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