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Annamalah et al    

Full length Research Paper

Perceptions of Open Innovation among SMIs in Malaysia

Sanmugam Annamalah1, Murali Raman2, Govindan Marthandan2, Aravindan Kalisri Logeswaran2

1SEGi University College, Kuala Lumpur
2Multimedia University, Cyberjaya, Malaysia

Corresponding Email Address: Sanmugam_1@yahoo.com;sanmugam@segi.edu.my

Received July 25, 2016; Accepted August 23, 2016


Open Innovation concept is beneficial to SMIs as it substitutes or complements the dependency on internal R and D which is not cost effective. Success and failures in Open Innovation adoption depends on various factors that has been researched to certain extent but not much is known on behavioural and cost factors. Therefore this study undertakes to analyse behavioural and cost factors that impacts open innovation adoption. Significant factors that influences behavioural are Organizational Citizenship Behaviours, Organizational Culture, Managerial Ties and in terms of costs is Transactional Costs. Appropriability Regimes is analysed as moderating role to analyse behavioural and cost relationships. Social Exchange Theory (SET) and Actor Network theory (ANT) theories applied in this study. This study also undertakes quantitative approach where cross sectional data from survey mode from 150 managers in manufacturing firms will be analysed. Purposive sampling technique used and hierarchical multiple regressions employed to test the related hypothesis variables. Theoretical and managerial contributions with the limitations and future research directions also highlighted.


Keywords: Open Innovation, Small Medium Industries (SMIs), Manufacturing, Adoption, Malaysia, Behavioural, Cost.

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