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Full Length Research Paper

Queen Mothers as Agents of Non-State Safety Net in a Fragile Community

Dr. Kojo Oppong Yeboah Gyabaah

DTD Community 17 , Lashibi, Sakumono, Tema, Ghana.

Corresponding Email Address: kgyabaah@gmail.com; Tel: 233244028819

Received March 20, 2015; Accepted May 19, 2015


Manya Krobo area has highest HIV prevalence in Ghana and orphaned many children who are vulnerable and deprived but lack formal state support due to resource constraints. Consequently, vast majority of them are being cared for through informal interventions by non-state actors. The study seeks to establish the responsiveness of safety net interventions run by non-state actors as women leaders to the needs and citizenship rights of orphans in communities experiencing high HIV prevalence. It assessed the key role women play in such fragile environments and accentuated the contributions they make towards efforts to contain extreme poverty and epidemics of fear. Data sources comprised qualitative and quantitative instruments including structured questionnaires; in-depth interviews focus group discussions, secondary data and conceptual model. Findings show the group possesses social skills in identifying and placing vulnerable children into care with cordial relationship existing between the association and foster families. Supportive networks with stakeholders tended to be short-term and unsystematic with less opportunity to share information, offer business skills training and promote income generating ventures. There is the need for a paradigm shift in the way the state supports non-state actors to provide for the needs of the vulnerable.

Keywords:HIV/AIDS, Safety net, Social Protection, Fragile community, Queen Mothers, orphans, Vulnerable, Manya Krobo.

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