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M'mbone et al    

Full Length Research Paper

A Study on Interactive Teaching Methods in Developing Oral Communicative Competence in Learners of English Language in Trans Nzoia West, District of Kenya

*Jessica M. M'mbone, Gladys C. Kemboi, Nelly C. Andiema

School of Education, Moi University Eldoret, Kenya Box (30100) 3900 Eldoret, Kenya.

Corresponding Email Address: jessymisiko@rocketmail.com

Received January 22, 2015; Accepted March 4, 2015


The research was carried out between 2008 - 2011 in Trans Nzoia West District of Kenya, among form three students of English Language. The purpose was to investigate on interactive teaching methods in developing oral communicative competence in learners of English. The objectives sought to establish: the methods used by teachers of English to teach oral communication skills, and the effect interactive teaching methods of English have in developing oral communicative competence in learners. The study adopted a descriptive research design under the qualitative approach. The study was guided by Classroom Interaction theory and communicative Language theory. The target populations comprised teachers of English and form three students, drawn from thirty three schools (four girls, three boys and twenty six mixed). A representative sample of thirty percent per school category was used - stratified random sampling technique was preferred to arrive at a ratio 3:3:7 to give a total of thirteen schools. The schools were randomly selected from each stratum using the simple random sampling technique. In cases where schools had more than one form three streams, simple random sampling was used and the selected stream provided a teacher of English for the study. The study made use of Classroom observation, teacher interview, audio tape recording and document analysis as instruments for data collection. Data was analyzed by use of descriptive statistics. The data revealed that interactive teaching methods are crucial in the development of oral communication skills in learners. These methods provide opportunities for language use, accuracy, proficiency and immediate feedback. The study recommends that: curriculum planners in Kenya need to revise the English syllabus as a whole which has a direct influence on the methodology to be used by the teacher. Trainers of teachers of language at both colleges and university should strengthen the emphasis on teaching methodology by equipping the teachers with both interactive and non-interactive teaching methods of oral communication skills.

Keywords: Interactive methods, Communicative competence.

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