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SADCíS Electoral Legal Framework and its Effectiveness in Ensuring Legitimate Election Results: A Critical Appraisal

Frank Mchomvu

Assistant Lecturer, Mzumbe University (Mbeya Campus College)*
Ph.D Candidate (University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania)

Corresponding Email Address: fjmchomvu@yahoo.com; Tel: +255716990088

Received February 3, 2015; Accepted April 1, 2015


This article analysed the electoral legal framework under the Southern African Development Cooperation (SADC) so as to find out the extent to which it can be effective in ensuring credible elections in the region. The methodology employed in the analysis was desktop research or documentary review whereby various documents relevant to the issue under enquiry were analysed. The analysis was mainly centred on instruments and provisions having a bearing on elections. Having analysed the said instruments and provisions, the article noted that the SADC’s legal framework relating to elections was unlikely to be effective to address the prevalent problem of disputes over the legitimacy of election results in the region. It was found among other things that SADC lacked effective provisions relating to the conduct of elections that could be helpful in ensuring credibility of elections in the region. The author was of the view that to remedy the situation, various steps must be taken including adoption of binding instruments on elections and strengthening the elections observation missions.

Keywords: Elections and Election Results, Credible Elections, Legitimacy of Election Results, Electoral Legal Framework, Electoral Disputes and Instruments.

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