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Full Length Research Paper

Economic Street Trading: The Study of Highway Hawkers in Ibadan, Nigeria

OWOSENI Joseph Sina

College of Medicine and Health Sciences (Medical Sociology), Afe Babalola University, Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria

Corresponding Email Address: owoshynah@yahoo.com; Tel: +2348066504953

Received August 8, 2014; Accepted August 25, 2014


It is a segment of economy that has hitherto played a significant role in ameliorating the scourge of unemployment in the developing world. The activities of street traders including highway hawking are most globally perceived as negative by stakeholders. This study therefore, investigates the phenomenon of highway hawking economy within Ibadan metropolis. The study adopted the theory of social structure and anomie by Merton. A descriptive research design was employed for the study, using both quantitative and qualitative methods of data collection. The sample size was collected through random purposive technique and a total of 100 questionnaires were distributed to highway hawkers who have spent three years and above in the business. Also, 20 In-depth Interviews were conducted with male and female respondents and content analysis was employed for qualitative data. The findings indicated that the respondentsí age range between 5-14 years was 11.0%, which is in line with child labour and child abuse age for hawking. Examining the exposure of highway hawkers to sexual harassment, 70% of the respondents were in agreement that female hawkers are mostly vulnerable to sexual harassment during hawking. Also. Over 70% of the highway hawkers are vulnerable to untimely death through accidents. Consequently, Highway hawking represents one of the dynamic and unique ways through which street trading economy plays itself out. Since poverty appears to be the primary cause of street hawking, the government at all levels should step-up efforts to improve the economy, as a matter of urgency. government at all levels should not only provide free basic education but also take practical steps to ensure that the education they give is truly and completely free, qualitative, and necessarily compulsory.

Key Words: Economy, Highway, Hawker, Street, Trade, Ibadan, Nigeria.

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