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African Union and the North African Political Turmoil: Unity in Diversity, Challenge for [Con]-Federation

Ghazali Bello Abubakar, Ph.D.

Center for African Studies, School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University

Corresponding Email Address: alghazel@gmail.com; Tel: +919582076405

Received November 28, 2014; Accepted December 9, 2014


More than three years passed since the occurrence of North African political liberalism. Middle East and North African communities have been suffering from tyrannical authoritarianism for tens of years. Similarly, many African states have been encountering considerable political turmoil, such as dominant overarching power of one party system (or political dictatorship), e.g Cameroon. Nevertheless, military interruptions were among other disturbances that lingered democracy enrichment in countries, such as Nigeria, Niger, Senegal, Guinea, etc and the west has neither taken concrete action in solving the problem nor letting Africa go its own way in solving its crises.

Key Words: Background of the uprisings, African Union, North Africa sub-region, Stances of other African states, Role of AU in the political upheaval in the North, United States of Africa.

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