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Farhadpoor and Khalafabadi

Full Length Research Paper

A Qualitative Evaluation of Iranian Children and Adolescents’ Websites Using “Web-QEM” Model

*1Dr. Mohammad Reza Farhadpoor, 2Razieh Khalafabadi

1Department of Information Science and Knowledge- Information Management, Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Khouzestan- Iran.
2M. A. Student of Library and Information Science, Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Khouzestan- Iran.

Corresponding Email Address: M.farhadpoor@khouzestan.srbiau.ac.ir

Received January 8, 2014; Accepted Jan 27, 2014


The Purpose of the present study is the qualitative evaluation of Iranian children and adolescents’ websites using “Web-QEM” model. The research method was descriptive survey, which studied 33 Iranian children and adolescents’ websites. Data were gathered and analyzed through a researcher-made checklist and SPSS software version 21, respectively. The findings indicate that based on usability (Mean = 0.39), the websites are not in a good status, based on functionality (M= 0.447), they are below medium; however, based on reliability and efficiency, they are above medium. Also, the result prove that, based on usability and functionality, these websites had weaker construction compared to other variables. Accordingly, it is up to their designer to concentrate on weak points and find appropriate approaches to eliminate them. Efficiency and reliability had a better mean score; however, some studied websites lack an ideal condition and need to be reconstructed.

Keywords: Iranian Children and adolescents’ Websites, Farsi Websites for Children and Adolescents, Web-QEM Model, Qualitative Evaluation of Children and adolescents’ Websites.

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