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Goraga et al  


Full Length Research Paper

Cattle artificial insemination cost determination by heat induction with the import of dairy breeds semen in Togo


Kpassi SEME1, 3*; Wéré PITALA 1, 4; Abalo Essosimna KULO1; Mensah Délako KOTOE2; Messanvi GBEASSOR4


1Ecole Supérieure d’Agronomie, Université de Lomé ESA/UL, BP: 1515 Lomé-Togo.
2Institut Togolais de Recherche Agronomique, Avétonou, Kpalimé, Togo.
3Institut de Conseil et d’Appui Technique ICAT, BP : 20804 Lomé-Togo.
4Faculté des Sciences, Université de Lomé FDS/UL, BP : 1515 Lomé-Togo.


Corresponding author email: semejoseh@hotmail.com; Tel: (00228) 90 16 34 40

Received November 3, 2017; Accepted November 13, 2017


Nowadays, the artificial insemination remains an excellent breeding tool in dairy production. The study was carried out to determine the success rate and the unit cost of artificial insemination by heat induction using the PRID® Delta protocol. 150 doses of frozen semen of Holstein and Montbéliarde dairy breeds as well as the heat induction kit from Dakar (Senegal) were used. This study reveals the estrus rate of 92.81%, actual fertility (calving) of 47.1% and a unit cost of the artificial insemination operation of CFA F (Franc of the African Financial Community) to be 47 579.37. The parity and herd management were proven to be very significant (p ≤ 0.05) to this fertility. This relatively high unit cost of artificial insemination operation requires government subsidies for its rapid adoption by the breeders.


Keywords: Heat Induction, Artificial Insemination, Fertility, Unit Cost, Togo.

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